UPDATE: Due to high demand we cannot accept any request for samples at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you have already requested a sample we will try to send it to you as soon as we can, although it is not guaranteed due to limited availability. 

 If you want to try all the perfumes have a look at our Discovery Set.

If you want to request a free sample just let us know which perfume you are interested in and your address. We will send you a sample as soon as we can!

Please note, we only accept requests from UK customers at the moment and stock is limited so in order to allow more people to enjoy it we only accept requests of 2 samples maximum. Subject to availability.



We offer competitve wholesale prices. If you're interested in Wholesale Parfums we're your go to source. We provide exclusive discounts for our wholesale customers. Use the contact form above to submit your enquiry for wholesale fragrances.

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